What is Home of the Brave Dolls?

What is Home of the Brave Dolls?

The place to find instructions on how to create your own historical 18″ doll clothes, accessories, and items! I got hit hard while flipping through an American Girl Doll catalog a few months ago: so many of these items could be hand-created, sewn, or found elsewhere less expensively. I’m crafty by nature, and decided to take the plunge. Home of the Brave Dolls will soon be filled with my adventures (with some misadventures too, I’m sure) making mock American Girl worlds.

What’s wrong with American Girl dolls?

The obvious answer is, of course, they’re expensive. The most basic doll is $105. Further outfit or item sets are around $30, a table and chairs set runs at $90, and beds are more than the doll. Nor are they necessarily better quality than other doll lines, yet American Girl has cornered the  18″ doll market. No one else has the variety they do, which is the main reason people keep buying from them.

You might have your own, personal reasons for not buying American Girl. Mattel regularly supports organizations and causes I do not support, and I don’t want my money winding its way to these organizations.

Why make your own clothes and items?

When you craft dresses and beds, you control the quality and materials. If you want lined dresses that will last an entire childhood of play, moccasins that are easily put on, something tweaked to your personal tastes, doing it yourself is the way to go. But quality is secondary to the real reason I’m attempting to recreate American Girl items.

It’ll be fun, you and your daughter – daughters, if you’re lucky. I like to think of Mommies and kiddos choosing the materials for a doll bed upholstery and sculpting clay food together, having hours of quality time before hours of appreciated play.

This website will grow, a post a week, each one showing how to make or acquire a quality American Girl alternative. I’m starting with Kaya and working my way up the historical latter. I can’t wait to sew darling pioneer outfits for Kirsten and hunt up ugly doll-sized 70’s furniture for Julie! My next post will be a list of cheaper, but still quality, Kaya doll alternatives.

Question for you! What brings you to Home of the Brave Dolls?

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3 thoughts on “What is Home of the Brave Dolls?

  1. kt

    doll diaries is what brought me there i’m excited to watch the progress of the blog

  2. Naomi

    Me too. I don’t buy American Girl stuff because of the crazy price – I make American Girl paper dolls instead! It’s free (not counting the cost of a good pack of markers) and more fun!

    • When we were kids, my sister and I would cut up American Girl catalogs and play with the cutouts in our doll houses. 3 things obviously resulted: 1) we had hours and hours of play, 2) we learned how to cut out small shapes VERY WELL, and 3) we learned all sorts of things about bargaining and trading, since two girls would receive one catalog – and of course only one side of each page could be used. The longest we were ever locked up was 2 days. When Kaya came out she had a HUGE two-page photograph of her, of course highly coveted. Eventually one of us got huge Kaya and the other got the rest of the magazine. 😀

      So I’m completely there for your American Girl paperdolls! Care to share a picture or two?

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